About Us

About Us

Founded in 2008, Pinnacle Logistics is a leading provider of trucking services across the United States. From the beginning, our goal was to build a unique and comprehensive transportation and logistics offering. We’ve leveraged our decades of experience to solve some of the biggest logistical problems and provide a comprehensive range of logistic services.

In September 2021 Pinnacle Logistics became a valued part of Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) family further strengthening our relationship with the airline industry.

With over 175 people on staff and continuously growing we are excited to do our part to move freight fast to where it is needed.

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GPS tracking

of trailers and a 48 states

operating authority

With GPS tracking of trailers and a 48 states operating authority, our services include direct airport access with specialized solutions like Direct Aircraft to Final Delivery and Handling of High Risk High Valued shipments that need to be handled with care and stored in a secured warehouse.

Our other services include Linehaul, Airport Cartage, Hot Shots, CFS handling with AMS. This is a dedicated Container Freight Station under customs that holds bonded cargo.

With the expansion of our customer base, Pinnacle Logistics has established additional trucking operations across the United States and will continue to add geographic locations as requested by our customers.

Whether you’re a small business operating out of a single location or a Fortune 100 corporation with a massive footprint, Pinnacle Logistics has the resources, people and expertise to help manage and grow your business.