About Us

Founded in 2008, Pinnacle Logistics is a leading provider of trucking and aviation services across the United States.

We offer a range of services that we are able to tailor based on our customer’s needs including:

  • Daily Scheduled LTL/FTL Line Haul Service for The State of Texas
  • Airport Transfers / Roller-Bed
  • Local Delivery
  • Bonded CFS Warehouse Handling
  • Flat-bed and Heavy Haul and other specialized solutions.
  • Intermodal Operations; De-vanning, Storage, and Drayage
  • Warehouse Management
  • 3PL Management
  • Cargo Handling
  • Aircraft Ramp Parking
  • Aircraft Ramp Handling (Load and Unload Cargo Aircraft)

Pinnacle Logistics, has a unique advantage based on its Airlines Heritage and airport presence allowing direct airport access within our main business line, aviation services. This allows us to perform specialized services that our competition is unable to provide such as charter-to-door and handling of high value-high risk shipments that need to remain in the secure warehouse environment until final delivery is scheduled as well as reduced handling of cargo. We can also offer escorts, team drivers and have a relationship with Freight Watch.

With the expansion of our customer base, Pinnacle Logistics has established additional ground handling and trucking operations across the United States and will continue to add geographic locations as requested by our customers.