Cargo Lien

Pinnacle Logistics shall have a lien on Goods and any documents relating thereto for all sums whatsoever due at any time by Shipper and/or Broker.  Pinnacle Logistics shall also have a lien on the Goods and any documents relating thereto for all sums due from the Shipper and/or Broker to the Pinnacle Logistics under any other contract.   Pinnacle Logistics may exercise its lien at any time and at any place in his sole discretion, whether the Carriage is completed or not. In any event any lien shall (a) survive the delivery of the Goods and (b) extend to cover the cost of recovering any sums due. To enforce and satisfy the its lien, Pinnacle Logistics shall have the right to sell or otherwise dispose of the aforementioned Goods and documents by public auction or private treaty at the expense of Shipper and/or Broker and in the name of Shipper and/or Broker and without any liability towards the Shipper and/or Broker, provided that Pinnacle Logistics has used reasonable efforts to notify the shipper and the consignee shown in the shipping documents prior to any sale or other disposal and that Pinnacle Logistics will pass on to the Shipper and/or Broker any proceeds of a sale or other disposal exceeding the sums due and the costs relating to the sale or other disposal.