Contract Carriers

When acting as a property broker, Pinnacle Logistics shall make reasonable efforts to place SHIPPER and/or or BROKER’s loads with responsible Servicing Motor Carriers authorized to perform the services required by SHIPPER and/or or BROKER for the purposes of transporting the loads with reasonable dispatch under the direction of SHIPPER and/or or BROKER. In no event will Pinnacle Logistics tender any goods of SHIPPER and/or or BROKER to a Servicing Motor Carrier holding an “unsatisfactory” safety rating. Pinnacle Logistics also agrees to utilize only Servicing Motor Carriers that possess all insurance coverages required by applicable law, and will also ensure such coverages equal or exceed the amounts required by applicable law. However, the Parties understand and agree that Pinnacle Logistics makes no express or implied warranties or guarantees concerning delivery time or the locating of a Servicing Motor Carrier to provide the transportation services requested by SHIPPER and/or or BROKER.