Declared Value and Limit of Liability

At the time of tender, SHIPPER may declare a higher value (“Declared Value”) by signing in the space designated on the Bill of Lading. When the SHIPPER declares a value, an additional charge of $1.00 for each $100.00 or fraction thereof will be charged subject to a minimum charge of $2.00 per Bill of Lading. Where shipments have Declared Values, Pinnacle Logistics and Servicing Motor Carrier(s) liability for shortage or damage shall be prorated by weight when part of a shipment is lost or damaged. When a SHIPPER declares $9.07 per pound or $20.00 per kilogram for an international shipment (for CFS freight only, when the Warsaw Convention applies), a valuation charge of $1.50 for each $100.00, or fraction thereof, subject to a minimum charge of $2.50 per shipment, will be assessed. In the absence of special arrangements, neither the Pinnacle Logistics nor the Servicing Motor Carrier(s) retained by it shall be liable for damages in excess of $50,000.00 per shipment, regardless of the value declared.