Shipping Documents

For intrastate and interstate domestic shipments or shipments between the United States and an adjacent country unless otherwise agreed in writing, all shipments tendered shall be accepted on a bill of lading acceptable to SHIPPER. The bill of lading shall act as a receipt only and in no event shall any terms, conditions and provisions of the Bill of Lading, manifest or other form of receipt apply to transportation performed pursuant to these Service Conditions. In the event of a conflict between the bill of lading terms and these Service Conditions, the terms of these Service Conditions shall prevail. When acting as a property broker, and upon request of SHIPPERPinnacle Logisticsshall require all Servicing Motor Carriers to obtain a delivery receipt from the consignee, showing the products delivered condition of the shipment and the date and time of such delivery.

In all cases, it is the SHIPPER’s responsibility to ensure accurate completion of the Pinnacle Logistics Waybill, including a complete description of the contents, the correct number of pieces, reference numbers, and the accurate total weight. If the SHIPPER fails to present a completed Waybill at the time of shipment, Pinnacle Logistics will accept any appropriate non-negotiable shipping document but will not accept any responsibility for misdelivery, delay, or missed collections resulting from the transfer of information from the shipping document onto the Waybill done by Pinnacle Logistics personnel.  Pinnacle Logistics will assess a charge of $15.00 per Waybill that it has to prepare or complete because the SHIPPER fails to present a completed Waybill at the time of shipment.